VHRP Certificate Programs

Signal expertise with VRHP Certificates

VRMA and VRHP are proud to offer the Certified Vacation Rental Housekeeper (CVRH), Certified Vacation Rental Inspector (CVRI), and Certified Vacation Rental Housekeeper Professional (CVRHP) certificates. Discover a new way to enhance your knowledge of the industry with one of these critical programs.


About the Certificates

These interactive programs help you advance your career, elevate your skillset, and signal to the industry your commitment to the housekeeping profession. Browse these programs and their details below and purhcase today.

Program Details
Certified Vacation Rental Housekeeper (CVRH) Program

The CVRH program is the premiere designation for short term rental front line housekeepers. Program content includes detailed information for housekeepers who are responsible for property maintenance every day. The program is divided into fifteen online modules which address all aspects of the housekeeping profession.

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Certified Vacation Rental Inspector (CVRI) Program

The Certified Vacation Rental Inspector (CVRI) certification program is designed specifically for short-term rental inspectors. Program content includes detailed information for inspectors who are responsible for navigating through different inspection environments and scenarios. The program is divided into thirteen online modules that address all aspects of the vacation rental inspection process.

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Certified Vacation Rental Housekeeper Professional (CVRHP) Program

As a manager of your team of housekeepers, you are responsible for the success and failures of the housekeeping department. You responsibilities include but are not limited to: Keeping current on the best housekeeping practices; foster a culture that encourages professional growth; read and make critical business based on data and rate sheets; ensure the health and safety of your housekeepers; and portray a gold standard of housekeeping cleaning and inspection.

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Pricing and Purchasing

Program VRHP Members Non-Members
CVRH $99 $299
CVRI $99 $299
CVRHP $129 $299

Once purchased, candidates have six months from the date of purchase to complete the program. Please note, that if you don't see the correct discounted rate, please reach out to vrma@vrma.org.

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Certification courses need to be purchased on the profile of the intended user and should not be purchased on one’s account with the intent to transfer it to a different user. If you have further questions, please reach out to certificate@vrma.org.

Add a Team Member

Once you have purchased a VRHP membership, the company’s Primary Contact can add additional members under your company's membership by logging into their Passport, visiting the Membership tab and then clicking Manage Company Member Contacts. The contact will need to claim their account via the Setup an Account modal to gain access to VRMA Passport. This should give the contact the discounted rate. If you have any questions about this, please visit our Membership FAQ page or reach out to vrma@vrma.org.