CVRHP Program

Certified Vacation Rental Housekeeper Professional (CVRHP) Program

As a manager of your team of housekeepers, you are responsible for the success and failures of the housekeeping department. You responsibilities include but are not limited to: Keeping current on the best housekeeping practices; foster a culture that encourages professional growth; read and make critical business based on data and rate sheets; ensure the health and safety of your housekeepers; and portray a gold standard of housekeeping cleaning and inspection.

This course goes over all these factors and more to prepare you and your team for success. This course consists of 29 videos in total that must be completed in order. 

Section 1: Welcome Back

  • Welcome Back
  • Feedback and Improvement
  • Selecting Software
  • Data

Section 2: Establishing Relationships

  • Relationships with Other Managers
  • Taking Care of Your People
  • Working with Subcontractors
  • Creating an In-House Training Program

Section 3: Professional improvement

  • Continuous Improvement
  • Housekeeping Building Blocks
  • Safety
  • Managing a Remote Workplace
  • Outstanding Customer Service

Section 4: Worksheet Demos

  • Housekeeping Supplies Worksheet Demo
  • Guest Amenity Worksheet Demo
  • Piece Rate Worksheet Demo
  • Guest Departure Fee Worksheet Demo
  • Budget Track Worksheet Demo
  • Piece Rate Overtime Worksheet Demo

Section 5: Property Inspections

  • Understanding Cleaning Products
  • Service Evaluations
  • Follow The Wall
  • Inspections
  • Owner Inspections

Section 6: Bringing It All Together

  • It All Comes Together
  • Forecasting
  • Specialty Tools
  • Daily Tracking
  • One More Thing

This course is designed for housekeeping managers, executive housekeepers, or directors of housekeeping. Passing this course will set you up to be a confident and effective decision-maker in the housekeeping space. 

The CVRHP program is available to members for $129 and $229 for non-members. Once purchased, candidates have six months from date of purchase to complete the program.

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