VRMA Community

This is a members-only benefit for you to connect and collaborate with your friends and colleagues in the industry. The goal of this platform is to serve as a social space where you can engage in valuable discussions with each other throughout the entire year. 
Log in today to explore this new platform and start to connect and post. Getting started is simple:
1. First, follow this link (https://community.vrma.org) to navigate to the community.
2. Next, click the "Continue with your existing VRMA account" button to log in. Our single sign-on technology makes it easy to sync your member account to VRMA's community platform!
3. Once logged in, we recommend you bookmark this page so that it’s easy to find. We highly recommend using a Chrome browser when accessing the community.

BONUS! The VRMA Connect – Florida "Executive Roundtable: Vision for the Future" recording will be available exclusively through the VRMA Community. You can access the session here after logging in.

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