Get Involved with a VRMA Committee

VRMA relies on leaders from all aspects of the vacation rental management industry to volunteer their time and talent in various ways.

Volunteering allows you to contribute to the betterment of the industry, expand your professional network, and build your professional skill set.

Learn more about our committees below:

The European Conference Planning Committee plans the educational and programming content for VRMA's in-person European Conference

    • Susan Doull, Commendable Rentals, LLC (Committee Chair)
    • Eric Bordier, VR partnership (Committee Chair)
    • Jessica Gillingham, Abode PR
    • Lee Hughes, Generali Global Assistance
    • Kamil Kosior, The Lloyd Group
    • Niki Christian Nutsch, THIRD HOME
    • Andrew Martyn,
    • Thibault Masson,
    • Viktorija Molnar, EHHA
    • Vered Raviv-Schwarz, Guesty
    • Sarah Tatone, Vacasa
    • Erica Klein, Education and Certification Director (Staff Liaison)

Click here to view the European Conference Planning Committee charter

Education Committee

The Education Committee provides strategic input and oversight for educational opportunities for vacation rental management professionals.

    • Melaney Robbins, Oak Island Accomodations (Committee Chair)
    • Emily Vandall, Vacasa (Committee Chair)
    • Mike Alsko, Coastal Home and Villas
    • Matt Bare, Q4Launch
    • Toby Babich, Breckenridge Resort Manages
    • Jennifer Frankenstein-Harris,
    • Sarah Franzen, Natural Retreats
    • Carmela Gillenwater, Vrbo
    • Vanessa Humes, InterCoastal Net Designs
    • Sue Jones, HR4VR
    • Colin Morrison, NAVIS
    • Steve Schwab, Casago
    • Michelle Marquis, Lexicon Travel Technologies
    • Jonathan Fonvielle, Atlantic Vacation Homes
    • David Eske, My Perfect Stays
    • Ben Edwards, Weatherby Consulting
    • Erica Klein, Education and Certification Director (Staff Liaison)

Click here to view the Education Committee charter

Government Affairs & Public Policy Committee

The Government Affairs Committee monitors government-related matters, develops policy recommendations, and supports initiatives to advocate for the common interests of vacation rental managers.

    • Cliff Johnson, (Committee Chair)
    • Svetlana Conques, All Pocono Rentals
    • Jennifer Frankenstein-Harris,
    • Jeremy Grogg, Kees Vacations
    • Robert Gilstrap, Title One Management
    • David Jacoby, Hostfully
    • Cara Goodrich, Castle Hospitality Group
    • Andy Morris, Seattle Vacation Home
    • Claire Reiswerg, Sand 'N Sea Properties
    • Michelle Williams, Atlantic Vacation Homes
    • Ken Willis, DeBordieu Rentals/Peace Vacations
    • Rolf Blizzard, Turnpike Properties
    • Greg Holcomb, Government Relations Director (Staff Liaison)

Click here to view the Government Affairs Committee charter

Leadership Development Committee

The Leadership Development Committee supports the leadership development of VRMA members in accordance with VRMA strategic direction by reviewing, vetting, and selecting a slate of recommended candidates for the annual Board of Directors election.

NOTE: The Leadership Development Committee is appointed by its co-chairs and is not a part of the call for volunteers process.
  • Lucy Kawaihalau, Kauai Vacation Rentals (Committee Chair)
  • Jodi Refosco, Taylor-Made Deep Creek Vacations
  • John Boller, Gulf Shores Realty
  • Rhonda Sideris, Park City Lodging
  • Garrett Sheehan, Membership Manager (Staff Liaison)

Marketing & Editorial Committee

The Marketing & Editorial Committee oversees and provides input into VRMA’s marketing and communications activities to promote the association’s mission, vision, and strategic plan.

    • Susan Blizzard, Blizzard Consulting (Committee Chair)
    • Anne-Marie Anderson, Atlantic Vacation Homes
    • Jessica Fuller, Margaret Rudd & Associates, Inc.
    • Jessica Gillingham, Abode PR
    • Jesse Harmon, Vacation Resorts International
    • Tim Scarpino, Parsons Villas
    • Mark Chmiel, trust-d / Sovrign, Inc.
    • Maria Lancaster, Tybee Vacation Rentals
    • Erland Odd, Castle Resorts and Hotels
    • Angela Schnell, Island Realty
    • Kevin Hurley, VRMA Marketing Director (Staff Liaison)

Click here to view the Marketing & Editorial Committee charter

Membership Committee

The Membership Committee develops new and innovative ways to attract new members as well as retain current membership.

    • Dru Brown, The Vacation Company(Committee Chair)
    • Jonathan Fonvielle, Atlantic Vacation Homes
    • Hayden Jennings, Hayden Jennings Properties
    • Ashley Kubiszyn, River Ridge Rentals
    • Anna Lewis, JETA Ventures, LLC
    • Lela Newell, InterCoastal Net Designs
    • Elizabeth Sickels, Elizabteth Maora, LLC
    • John Stokinger, TravelNet Solutions
    • Kristen Fitzgerald, Tailored Stay
    • Christy Qualkenbush, Beachwalk Vacation Rentals
    • Garrett Sheehan, Membership Manager (Staff Liaison)

Click here to view the Membership Committee charter

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Subcommittee

Operating under the VRMA Membership Committee umbrella, the DEI Subcommittee is charged with ensuring that VRMA embodies all facets of diversity (inclusiveness, mutual respect, multiple perspectives, and equitable opportunities) so that all members, irrespective of race, ethnicity, nationality, cultural background, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, age, income, physical and mental ability have equal opportunity and thrive in the vacation rental industry.

  • Margot Schmorak, Hostfully (Subcommittee Co-Chair)
  • Mateo Bradford, At Ease Rental Corp (Subcommittee Co-Chair)
  • Rhonda Abedsalam, Generali Global Assistance-CSA
  • Etienne Aduya, Vacasa LLC
  • Efrat Almog, Peaceful Home
  • April Burns, InterCoastal Net Designs
  • Jeffrey Breece, Beyond Pricing
  • Darlene Brown, Bonhost
  • Dru Brown, Island Time Hilton Head
  • Dustin Church, Tybee Vacation Rentals
  • Greg Fiorot, NEC Display Solutions Global Innovation & Solutions
  • Jessica Fuller, Margaret Rudd & Associates, Inc., REALTORS
  • Anthony Gantt, At Ease Rentals Corporation
  • Jason Harlowe, Travel Net Solutions
  • Jonathan Johnson, Luxury Coastal Vacations
  • Jess Kelso, Beyond Pricing
  • Matt Landau, VRMB
  • Anna Lewis, Gulf Coast Beachfronts
  • Talia Lockard,
  • Mike Ortegon, Consulting
  • Christina Roberti, Beyond Pricing
  • Carole Sharoff, Atlantic Vacation Homes
  • John Stokinger, Travel Net Solutions
  • Jo M. Underhill, HR4VR
  • Ken Willis, DeBordieu Rentals & Palmetto Vacation Services
  • Garrett Sheehan, Membership & Operations Manager (Staff Liaison)
  • Jake Morsch, Membership Senior Associate (Staff Liaison)

Click here to view the DEI Subcommittee charter.

Supplier Advisory Council

The VRMA Supplier Advisory Council is an opportunity for VRMA suppliers to interact directly with VRMA board members and staff on a regular basis to share their ideas and feedback on VRMA programs and supplier opportunities. The council not only gives the supplier community a more structured voice and connection to leadership, but also  gives VRMA leadership the opportunity to utilize this group as a sounding board for new programs and ideas.

  • Susan Blizzard, Blizzard Consulting(Council Co-Chair)
  • Scott Leggat, LSI Social, Inc  (Council Co-Chair)
  • Cliff Johnson,  (Council Co-Chair)
  • Brian Butler, EZ Inspections
  • Dianna Grobstein, Airbnb
  • Jason Hahn, Janiis
  • Michael Hill, Virtual Resort Manager, Inc
  • Vanessa Humes, InterCoastal Net Designs
  • Nars Krishnamachari, RueBaRue
  • Sebastien Leitner, Cloudbeds
  • Michael Lester, Ximplifi
  • Michelle Marquis, Lexicon Travel Technologies
  • George Meshkov, CSA Travel Protection
  • Koryn Okey, Breezeway
  • Jacobie Olin, C2G Advisors, LLC
  • Curt Rodriguez, VacayHomeConnect
  • Ed Ulmer, Barefoot Technologies Corp
  • Dawn Yeskulsky, TravelNet Solutions
  • Steve Zimmerman, Beach House Logos

Click here to view the Supplier Advisory Council charter

Ambassador Committee

The Ambassador Committee is responsible for welcoming and engaging new members. Ambassadors serve as a resource to help new members make the most of their VRMA membership.

    • Jonathan Fonvielle, Atlantic Vacation Homes (Committee Chair)
    • Sheela Brown, Luxury Coastal Vacations
    • April Burns, InterCoastal Net Designs
    • Jodi Cleer, RealVoice
    • Anna Lewis, JETA Ventures, LLC
    • Bonnie Lewis, KEES Vacations
    • Joanne Logie, New England Vacation Rentals
    • Laurina Stapleton,
    • Robert Close, Salt and Sand Realty
    • Ellie Paget, HomeSlice Stays
    • Jacob Morsch, Membership Associate(Staff Liaison)

Click here to view the Ambassador Committee charter

VRHP Content Committee

The VRHP content committee is an opportunity for VRHP members to provide strategic goals and oversight for educational content to VRHP members on topics related to housekeeping, maintenance, laundry and operations.

  • Sheila McCracken, Taylor-Made Deep Creek
  • Dave Roberts, Outer Banks Blue Realty
  • Brad Stewart, Stewart Mountain Lodging
  • Koryn Okey, Breezeway
  • Betsy Taylor, Southern Shores Realty
  • Rebecca Lombardo, TruPlace
  • Sean Kemper, Kemper Solutions
  • Durk Johnson, Seabrok Hospitality
  • Michelle Williams, AVH Realty
  • Erica Klein, Education and Learning Services Director(Staff Liaison)
  • Ryan Cashman, Education and Learning Services Coordinator(Staff Liaison)

Click here to view the VRHP Committee charter.