VRHP Certifications: Introducing the Newly Redesigned Certified Vacation Rental Housekeeper Program

VRMA and VRHP are proud to announce the newly redesigned Certified Vacation Rental Housekeeper (CVRH) certification program, the premiere designation for short term rental front line housekeepers. Previously a paper and pencil exam, the redesigned CVRH certification is now an online, interactive certificate program.

Program content includes detailed information for housekeepers who are responsible for property maintenance every day. The program is divided into fifteen online modules which address all aspects of the housekeeping profession, as follows:

  • Section 1: Welcome and Introduction
  • Section 2: Guest Services
  • Section 3: Safety
  • Section 4: Service Standards
  • Section 5: Standard Property Appearance
  • Section 6: Housekeeping Kit
  • Section 7: Bedbugs
  • Section 8: Follow the Wall
  • Section 9: The Cleaning Process
  • Section 10: Microbes
  • Section 11: Eyes of the Maintenance Department
  • Section 12: Grills
  • Section 13: Accountability
  • Section 14: Policies and Procedures
  • Section 15: Continuing Education

To complete the program, candidates will complete all fifteen online modules, followed by an assessment at the end of the program to assess the knowledge and skills learned in the videos. Candidates must also complete knowledge checks at the end of each module before moving onto the next module.

The CVRH program is available to members for $99 and $299 for non-members. Once purchased, candidates have six months from date of purchase to complete the program.