Vacation Rental Listing Data

In partnership with our friends at Transparent, VRMA now offers members-only access to a dashboard containing data on vacation rental properties on the major listing sites throughout the world. VRMA has exclusive access to the state-by-state data in this dashboard, as well. This data represents an estimation of how many vacation rental properties are available for rent on major vacation rental websites; this does not reflect occupancy or bookings, just the available supply.

These numbers are an estimate of unique vacation rental properties calculated using Transparent's cross listing methodology. The cross listing methodology takes all listings from the major platforms (HomeAway, Airbnb,, and TripAdvisor) and uses an algorithm with more than 40 different fields to determine unique properties and minimize duplicate data.  

Click here to access the dashboard (

How to Use the Dashboard

To see the overall data, don’t use any filters. You can see rankings by country and by state by simply visiting the page. To dig deeper, use the drop-down menus under “Filters” to select the country, then the state. The resulting data will appear below the map and will contain total vacation rental properties listed in that state. That can then be analyzed by rental type, property type, and number of bedrooms.

Some clarifying points on the data that is displayed:

  • This reflects all vacation rentals, not just professionally-managed vacation rentals
  • Advertised rate: the average rate displayed on the different vacation rental sites when no date filter is applied. 
  • For the “sum of bedrooms” on all unique vacation rental properties, studios count as one bedroom 
  • For the “sum review count” and “average review score”, these are taken from one of the vacation rental property’s available listings, not the aggregate across sites 

This is high-level, macro industry data that is intended for reference only. To make better business decisions on your listings, VRMA recommends using our free business analytics tool, VRMA Insights. Click here to get started. (