VRMA Sustainability Efforts

VRMA is committed to incorporating sustainable practices at our events hosted throughout the year.

Through partnering with green hotels and convention centers, or working with local organizations, VRMA is committed to not only furthering sustainability efforts within our own organization but also spreading awareness and educating others about the impact those efforts can have on the broader community.

2023 Spring Forum

At the VRMA Spring Forum hosted in Kansas City, March 6-7, 2023, VRMA President Jason Voelpel spoke about sustainability initiatives happening within the industry. VRMA partnered with the Kansas City Convention Center, a LEED Silver Certified building, to help further our Sustainability mission. Some sustainable features of the convention center include:

Sustainability SF.png

In addition, our Spring Forum host hotel partners with Pete's Garden. They provide free, healthy take-home meals to local families as well as recover wholesome prepared foods, portion and package servings, and distribute through local social service organizations. Learn more about their amazing organization.

2023 Executive Summit, Connects, and International Conference 

VRMA will continue to incorporate sustainable practices inasmuch as possible at all of our future events, and we look forward to sharing more information throughout the year.