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Introducing Snap, Powered by Key Data Dashboard

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VRMA members benefit from Key Data’s ‘snapshot’ dashboard—the most utilized tool in their entire ProData product. It provides a snapshot view of overall company performance and pacing this year vs. last year on a monthly or weekly view. It also provides immediate and easy visibility into how your organization is performing on Occupancy, ADR, RevPar, and Revenue.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How often does my dashboard data refresh?

Key Data automatically updates the connection with your property management system every 12 hours. New reservations and properties will not appear until the next refresh unless someone on the Key Data team manually refreshes your dashboard.

How do I add revenue goals?

Key Data has a Revenue Budget tool that helps you build and track your revenue goals. This is a powerful tool that helps you evaluate actual performance against expectations. When using the dashboard, you can access your Revenue Budget Goals and % to Goal in the KPI drop down menu in the Filters Ribbon.

Does Key Data have a KPI for lead time?

Key Data uses the term Average Booking Window instead of Lead Time.

Why does my revenue appear to be incorrect when I use the Unit Revenue (Nightly) KPI?

Using Unit Revenue (Nightly) KPI instead of a Unit Revenue (Recognized) KPI changes the way your revenue is distributed in the dashboard.

Are you seeing a difference between Key Data's revenue and your property management system’s revenue? This could be because you are using Unit Revenue (Nightly) KPI instead of Unit Revenue (Recognized) KPI.

When you use the KPIs Unit Revenue (Nightly), Other Revenue or Total Revenue, Key Data will display nightly revenue.

If you would like to look at revenue based on how you pay your homeowners (attribution principle) instead, use the KPIs Unit Revenue (Recognized), Other Revenue (Recognized), or Total Revenue (Recognized).

If a stay occurs over multiple weeks, months, or years, the revenue will appear based on the attribution principle selected in your Settings > Preferences.

Which browser is best for Key Data Dashboard?

The Key Data team recommends using Google Chrome.