Frequently Asked Questions about Right to Rent

Why is it important to support the vacation rental industry?
We continue to see increasingly wide-ranging regulatory and policy issues, including overreaching local policies, outright bans, and unfair taxation. These temporary regulations are trending towards longstanding law if action isn’t immediate.

What is Right to Rent?
Through the Right to Rent, donations are collected from property management companies and allocated to protect travelers’ rights to choose the type of accommodation they want. It helps to protect the rights of property owners to rent their vacation homes and businesses’ rights to rent vacation properties.

How do I contribute to Right to Rent?
Participating software (PMS systems) facilitate an add-on donation per guest booking realized, typically included as an administration or program fee within the reservation. Check with your software representative to see if Right to Rent is offered.

How much can I donate?
It’s up to the property management company. It can be $1 or as much as $25 or more per booking realized.

How does VRMA receive my donation?
Revenue generated will be shown on the participating company’s general ledger to the VRMA Right to Rent Fund as an ordinary month-end disbursement. The PMS system provides real-time reporting and tracking of all funds collected. Participating companies can send checks or transfer money directly to the VRMA Right to Rent program.

What does the Right to Rent program fund?
The money raised through the Right to Rent program will strengthen VRMA’s efforts to advance and build a stronger advocacy presence for the vacation rental community through:

  • Professional Support: Providing professional support to vacation rental managers and property owners to defend their business against onerous regulations.
  • Issue Tracking: Improving tracking of state and local regulations that may affect the vacation rental industry.
  • Response: Create greater efficiency in responding to legislative concerns when they arise.
  • Lobbying: Working with state and local policymakers on policies that improve access to vacation rental properties.
  • Communication: Helping industry stakeholders communicate the value of vacation rental properties as a driver of local economies.
  • National Focus: Strengthening national VRMA Government Affairs efforts.

100% of contributions made directly fund the Right to Rent program.

How are the Right to Rent funds distributed?

  • 40% National Issues: Funding national advocacy-related industry initiatives.
  • 40% Local/Regional Issues: Funding regulatory concerns in the local area of donor concerns.
  • 20% Reserve: Funding crisis situations, including the multiple regulatory battles brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic.

VRMA Right to Rent contributors will receive reports regarding fund allocation and project updates. All funding is at the discretion of the VRMA and will be used solely for advocacy support and initiatives.

Is my donation tax-deductible?
Contributions, donations, and gifts to Right to Rent are not tax deductible. These funds directly support VRMA’s lobbying and advocacy efforts on behalf of the vacation and short-term rental industry. VRMA is a non-profit, tax-exempt, 501(c)(6) organization.

What if I don’t use a Right to Rent compatible software?
VRMA is looking to expand software integration to other providers. Individuals and companies also may donate directly to the VRMA Advocacy Fund. Contact Tiffany Edwards for more information.

I am not a VRMA member. Can I donate?
Of course! And we encourage property management companies to join VRMA and benefit from everything we have to offer. Depending on the amount you donate, you may be eligible for complimentary membership. Contact us for more information.