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Reach potential customers where they’re paying attention—through a source they already trust—when you send a dedicated email blast through VRMA. Just provide us with your email content in HTML format, and we'll send to our full membership database (more than 1,600 contacts). VIEW A SAMPLE EMAIL BLAST.

Note: A test email must be approved by advertiser prior to sending.

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VRMA members attend one-hour webinars to hear industry experts speak about the hottest topics in vacation rental management. You provide the content and subject matter expertswe offer a project manager, develop the audience, handle all marketing and hosting, and provide a professional moderator to manage the discussion with the presenters.

Sponsor benefits:

  • 60-minute time slot (5-minute introduction, 45-minute presentation, 10-minute Q&A)
  • Hosting services, including practice rehearsal
  • Live organizer during the webinar