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Meet Our Members

VRMA members rave about their experience connecting with others, learning from experts at our International Conference, and having fun with our community. But don't take our word for it. We asked VRMA members share the value they get from being a member with a special video message. Click on the names below and get to know VRMA!

Miller Hawkins.png

Miller Hawkins.png Miller currently serves as the VRMA President and has been the owner of Booe Realty since 1995. Since that time, the company has grown to manage more than 500 properties. Hear more from Miller on his VRMA experience!

Jodi Refosco.png

Jodi Refosco.png Jodi currently serves as the Chair of the VRMA Membership Committee and is one of the owners of Taylor Made Deep Creek Vacations. In her 13 years of membership, VRMA has helped her build the foundation of her company. Learn more from Jodi why VRMA can help you and your business.

Dru Brown.png

Dru Brown.png From Island Time Hilton Head, Dru currently serves as a member of the Board of Directors and Executive Committee. VRMA has been a great tool for him personally to connect with like minded people. Hear more from Dru!

Jason Voelpel.png

Jason Voelpel.png Jason is the current VRMA President-Elect and shares why VRMA is so essential to him and his business. From education to connection, hear why Jason has found great value with VRMA!

John Stokinger.png

John Stokinger.png John serves on the VRMA Membership committee and has been a member for more than five years. He shares why he believes the ROI is in the people!

Hayden Jennings.png

Hayden Jennings.png Hayden has been a member of VRMA for four years and shares the value he gets from our conferences and much more. Hear from Hayden why VRMA is right for you.

Elizabeth Maora.png

Elizabeth Maora.png Elizabeth has been a member of VRMA for more than three years and she shares why it has absolutey changed her life and her business. Check out her testimonial today.

Sue Jones.png

Sue Jones.png Sue currently serves on the Board of Directors and is the owner of HR4VR, a human resources consulting firm. She has been a member since 2012 and shares her experience with us!