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2021 International Conference Program




The International Conference program provides attendees the opportunity to hear from vacation rental managers, leading supplier and vendor representatives, subject matter experts, and motivational speakers – all under one roof! 

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Education Sessions 

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FEATURED! Fireside Chat Series

Fireside Chats are back at VRMA International! The popular series of breakout sessions returns and will be hosted by industry expert Simon Lehmann. Join us for special, featured conversations with vacation rental leaders, including:

  • Jennifer Hsieh; Vice President, Homes & Villas at Marriott International
  • Jeff Hurst; Chief Operating Officer, Expedia Brands
  • Matt Roberts; CEO, Vacasa
  • Carl Shepherd
  • Eric Broughton; Chief Strategy Officer, Inhabit IQ
  • Hari Nair; Global SVP & GM, Account Management, Expedia Group

Business Strategy

20 Vacation Rental Lessons for 2021
Presented by: Steve Milo, VTrips

Post COVID-19, the vacation rental landscape changed dramatically—especially for property managers. In this very candid session, Steve Milo of VTrips provides unfiltered detailed information on the real lessons learned for during the pandemic regarding profitability, raising capital, software, employee hiring and strategy, owner communication and acquisition, social media blackmail, regulations, new guest fees, smart home technology, property inspections, in house laundry facilities and more. This presentation will provide property managers with real, actionable strategies to improve both their top-line revenue and bottom-line expenses.

Building Local Coalitions

Dana Lubner, Rent Responsibly; Robin Craigen, Moving Mountains; Matt Curtis, Smart City Policy Group; Amy Gaster, Tybee Vacation Rentals; Toby Babich, Breckenridge Resort Managers

Building Your Brand Through Trust in the Face of Adversity
Presented by: Clark Twiddy, Twiddy & Company

Similar to many of us in the vacation rental industry, Twiddy and Company, the largest vacation rental management company on NC’s Outer Banks, had to improve their business strategy in ways never imagined due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In March 2020, county officials in the Outer Banks suddenly decided to close bridges to visitors and non-resident property owners alike. Instead of the common restrictions in the majority of the country, it was physically impossible for non-full-time residents to come on the island. The result, as with many in the industry, was the vacancy of the majority of vacation homes for over two months.

Twiddy and Company knew the only way to move forward was to listen closely to their guests and owners. There was a lot of uncertainty in the air, but the best way to combat this was by building trust. Due to their modified business practices during COVID-19, Twiddy and Company had a record year, and 2021 appears to be no different. Through our accomplishments over the past year, this session will show:

  • The importance of building your brand through trust in the face of adversity
  • How to build trust through communication
  • How to use technology to maintain trust

Diversity and Inclusion: Continuing the Discussion

Presented by: John Stokinger, TRACK Hospitality Software; Mateo Bradford-Vazquez, At Ease Rentals Corporation; Michelle Williams, Atlantic Vacation Homes; Jonathan Fonvielle, Atlantic Vacation Homes; Resha Shroff, President, Lynx; Anthony Gantt, Jr, At Ease Rentals Corporation; Michael Goldin, Noise Aware; Robert Geller, Fabstayz

Join a continuation of the discussion from the June 10, 2020 webinar, Diversity and Inclusion: “A Real Discussion,” in a live panel setting. This open and honest discussion will address the critical issue of diversity and inclusion in the STR/vacation rental industry. By sharing stories and working together, real progress and positive change can be made.

Following the Data: Destination Travel (R)Evolution
Presented by: Pete Comeau, Phocuswright; Tom Foley, Inntopia

Small resort communities across the U.S. are experiencing big changes. Join Phocuswright and Inntopia for an open-mic town hall discussion about fundamental – and sweeping - changes to the destination travel industry.  Citing some of the best data in the industry, Pete Comeau and Tom Foley will bring their broad expertise to bear in a lively discussion about the complexities of change in the marketplace and the myriad considerations around adaptation to these new realities.

Leveraging Your Talent Through “Modern” Performance Management
Presented by: Sue Jones, MBA, SHRM-SCP, HR4VR

Leveraging your talent through “Modern” Performance Management. The traditional approach of setting goals at the beginning of the year and reviewing performance at the end of the year no longer works for today’s competitive business environment. Gone are the days of set-and-forget performance management. Today's performance management requires an agile approach involving employees through shared goal setting, timely feedback, and continuous conversations. 

Whether you're a brand-new manager or have been managing people for decades, you've likely experienced the past 12 months as one challenge after another. The COVID-19 pandemic, economic uncertainty, business closures, massive layoffs, widespread civil unrest, and unprecedented political upheaval hit fast and furiously. Attend this session to learn more about aligning your performance process with the pace of your business and how to manage performance expectations with more flexibility, empathy, and leniency—all key drivers to keeping your employee morale, engagement, and productivity up.

How to Increase your Company Value Through Technology and Revenue Best Practices
Presented by: Michelle Marquis, Travelnet Solutions; Ben Edwards, Weatherby Consulting, LLC; James Olin, C2G Advisors, LLC; Steve Milo, VTrips

Is your goal to build a great company that you can someday sell to "ride into the sunset?" Many buyers look for companies with a low adoption of low-tech business practices because they can get a "deal," and then add those things to make the company more profitable. Others look for companies already up-and-running with established ways of doing business. One will sell for more than another: Come learn how to make sure your company is positioned to obtain the most value with just a few tweaks.

How Industry Trends: What Can We Expect in the Next Year
Presented by: Merilee Karr, UnderTheDoormat; Heather Richer, Richer Logic and ASTHRO, Kevin Locraft, Expedia Group; Patrick Mayock, STR

The past year has changed consumer behaviour and our industry has been innovating at pace.  It will never go back to the way it was before and that means huge potential for the short term and vacation rental industry, if we sieze this opportunity. 

Phocuswright’s U.S. Short Term Rentals Research: Key Findings
Presented by: Madeline List, Phocuswright

Lessons Learned from Working For Mr. Marriott

Presented by: M. Cathy Cook, Kennedy Training Network, Inc.

In this session, M. Cathy Cook, Executive Director of Training for Kennedy Training Network, will share the lessons she learned from her 27 years working for Marriott International prior to joining KTN, including over a decade in the headquarters office where she interacted with Mr. Marriott directly. Although most VR companies are small businesses, participants will learn to incorporate these core values and business philosophies in ways that positively impact the day-to-day lives of associates, guests, owners and vendor-partners.

Property Managers Roundtable
Presented by: Sharon K. Walker, Walker Luxury Vacation Rentals; Jennifer Frankenstein Harris, Village Realty Holdings; Ben Edwards, Weatherby Consulting, LLC; Steve Milo, VTrips

*Property Managers Only*

In this roundtable session co-moderated by Sharon Walker, Jennifer Frankenstein Harris, Steve Milo and Ben Edwards, property managers will speak freely amongst themselves on important topics, including: software systems; technology platforms; marketing channels; regulations; and much more. The moderators will all facilitate discussion from throughout the room. This is a well-balanced, property manager-centric session that has been popular with attendees in the past.

What’s Your Triple Bottom Line? How Socially, Environmentally and Financially Profitable Businesses Stand the Test of Time.

Presented by: Andy McNulty, Touch Stay; Margot Schmorak, Hostfully; Andrew McConnell, Rented, Inc.; Merilee Kerr, Under the Doormat; Angela Leone, Coconut Condos; Matt Landau, VRMB

Are guests and owners really interested in the sustainable and socially responsible actions of property management companies? Can property managers viably and genuinely incorporate community service into their business practices? Learn how it is not only viable, but a power play, to do so. We will talk about how to shape your social responsibility strategy and give you a toolkit with immediate and long-term actionable steps.

What Travelers Want
Presented by: Carmella Gillenwater, Vrbo

In recent Expedia Group research, 70% of travelers said they are willing to pay extra for properties that have their favorite amenities and services. Join this session to find out how travelers are making booking decisions and what they expect in a guest experience to ensure you are positioned to capture their business.

Data and Revenue Management

Navigating the Future of Short-Term Rentals with Proactive Revenue Management 
Presented by: Julie Brinkman, Beyond; Jason Bryant, Bryan Real Estate; Jeremy Clayton, Padre Escapes Vacation Rentals

Short-term rental markets in the U.S. had a wild and unpredictable year in 2020. Property managers everywhere had to constantly react to shifting market demand like never before. While the recovery is still ongoing, the travel industry as a whole will never be the same. In this session, property managers from all over the U.S. will discuss what strategies worked best for them throughout 2020. More importantly, the discussion will highlight which strategies and tools these property managers plan to continue utilizing moving forward. From cancellation policies and minimum stay requirements to channel distribution and marketing, this session will highlight the top trends that property managers developed throughout 2020. Session attendees will benefit from hearing directly from their peers about what worked during the pandemic and how these strategies can be used in the future.

Post-Pandemic Recovery: A Look at Real-Time Vacation Rental Market Data Trends
Presented by: Jason Sprenkle, Key Data Dashboard

Join us for an industry-wide dive into the post-pandemic recovery as Key Data provides a look at real-time vacation rental market data trends and how things look heading into 2022.

Revenue Management for the Rest of Us
Presented by: John An, Ohana Stay LLC; Anurag Verma, PriceLabs; Heather Richer, Richer Logic

Managing the revenue for your short-term rental business shouldn't be too complicated! But most conversations around revenue management focus on techno-jargon and data-garble that make simple concepts appear super confusing (RevPar, Pacing, MLOS, etc). This panel discussion brings together a varied set of experiences to help convey ideas in plain language that everyone can understand! Our goal would be to help the audience find a balanced pricing strategy for your guests, your owners, and for your business!

Post-Pandemic Pricing Models and the New VR Normal
Presented by: Margot Schmorak, Hostfully; David Jacoby, Hostfully; Ryan Saylor, Beyond Pricing; Richie Khandelwal, PriceLabs; Andrew Kitchell, Wheelhouse; Andrew McConnell, Rented; Simon Lehmann, AJL Consulting LLC

Join several  dynamic pricing leaders to jointly discuss discuss the state of the dynamic pricing industry post-pandemic.

Finance and Legal Operations

How to Sustainably Generate a Meaningful Profit:  A Vacation Rental Managers Guide to Consistently Earning More Money
Presented by: Ben Edwards, Weatherby Consulting, LLC

This session will discuss the current post pandemic earnings environment, how to sustain certain aspects of that increased profitability, and key performance metrics that every vacation rental manager should utilize.

Tales from the Crypt: Could This Happen to You?
Presented by: Scott Leggat, Inhabit IQ; Greg Holcomb, VRMA; Tiffany Edwards, Coletta Consulting

Scott, Greg, and Tiffany share stories of regulatory nightmares that have happened to vacation rental managers from across the country. Many of these regulatory proposals put companies' existence at risk and threatened to undermine the viability of jobs, home investments, and the local economy. If you think this couldn't happen to you, BEWARE! 

Guest Relations

12 Steps to Reclaiming Your Spirit of Hospitality From the Grasp of Cynicism
Presented by: Douglas Kennedy, Kennedy Training Network

Most VRMA members will agree that this has been the most challenging era in the history of the lodging industry, with a confluence of record occupancy, a shortage of labor, and guests who themselves are feeling stress, therefore prone to be more cranky and mean. Certainly the staff may be experiencing burnout and cynicism, and perhaps even you as a leader are, too. As they say in virtually all 12-step programs, admitting you have a problem is the first step taken towards overcoming it. In this fast moving session, Doug will present a unique and fun “12 Step Process” for reclaiming the spirit of hospitality.

Lessons from Guests: The Magic Fairy Dust of Guest Loyalty
Presented by: Tyann Marcink, Touch Stay, VR Mastered, Branson Family Retreats, and Missouri Haus; Andy McNulty, Touch Stay

Guest loyalty is directly related to profitability, brilliant guest experience, and social responsibility. Learn how to build your own private army of loyal guests with an action plan and examples of true guest stories on how to (and how not to) achieve it.

Preventing and Responding to Negative Reviews
Presented by: Ashley Kubiszyn, River Ridge Rentals and Jennifer Frankenstein Harris, Village Realty Holdings

Negative reviews are painful to receive, particularly when they seemingly come out of nowhere. This session will discuss several strategies to prevent negative reviews and tools that can be used to make it easy. In addition, we will cover a formula for responding to negative reviews to turn them into positive PR.

How to Spot Sex Trafficking in Your Homes
Presented by: Michelle Marquis, TravelNet Solutions; Margaret Cascio, Sudara

The hospitality industry unwittingly plays a part in sex trafficking around the world, and more importantly, in our own backyards. With philanthropic partners Sudara and The Guardian Group, this session will review the latest data of this global epidemic, share how to identify and prevent trafficking, and the best ways to engage the authorities if you or your team suspect something is wrong. Attendees will take home new awareness and communication tactics to disrupt the sex trafficking of women and children. Learn to be a part of the solution—not the problem.

The Future of Guest Loyalty
Presented by: Andrew McConnell, Rented, Inc.

In 2020, the industry saw what happens not just when travel search goes down, but also what happens when third party channels stop spending on marketing. However, every crisis creates an opportunity. Learn what the future of guest booking (and re-booking) can and should look like, and the steps you should start taking now to benefit from these shifting trends.

Working Together to Create Value for Guests and Homeowners
Presented by; Keven Wishard, Homes & Villas by Marriott International; Holly Nagle, Homes & Villas by Marriott International; Lindsey Watkins, SkyRun; Dustin Abney, Avantstay

How can property management companies balance creating value for both guests and homeowners? Homes & Villas by Marriott International and its property management company partners join forces to share best practices and what’s in store for the future of their collaboration, combining 90+ years of hospitality expertise, local operations, and holistic and memorable travel experiences to the guests. Learn how to build loyalty with guests and homeowners alike through prioritizing quality and consistency, mitigating any anxiety associated with choosing home accommodation, and empowering more confident travel connections and experiences. 


Fundamental Shifts Shaping the Digital Marketing Landscape
Presented by: Paul Hanak, InterCoastal Net Designs and Vanessa Humes, InterCoastal Net Designs

You're up to speed... for now. Vacation rentals are rapidly transitioning, with the demand for SEO to drive direct bookings and traffic at its core. But what have you missed in the last year? From targeting restrictions, to algorithm updates, to travel personas, ICND will explore all the changes that are impacting the VR space, including the future of usable data after restrictions from Apple (and other companies following suit).  More importantly, some of these updates are putting more power in your hands than ever before, where you can “outmarket” your marketing company!

The Owner Acquisition Playbook: Your Step-by-Step Marketing Plan for Attracting—and Keeping—Homeowners
Presented by: Brynn Flaherty, Bluetent; Alisa J. Justice, Bluetent; Douglas Brindley, Brindley Beach Vacations; Jessica Fuller, Margaret Rudd & Associates, Inc., Realtors

With the vacation rental industry’s unprecedented popularity with 2021 travelers, managers are asking a new question: How can I continue to increase revenue when a majority of my inventory is booked? The simple answer: Get more inventory. Join two of Bluetent’s marketing experts, Alisa Justice and Brynn Flaherty, as they lead a conversation detailing easy strategies you can deploy to acquire new homeowners (and keep your current owners happy, too). Be ready to take notes, because you’ll want to remember the diverse tactics they’ll highlight—ranging from proven, old-school direct mail campaigns to innovative, data-driven, cross-channel initiatives. In addition, the discussion will include insights from industry veterans Doug Brindley (Brindley Beach Vacations & Sales) and Jessica Fuller (Margaret Rudd & Associates), who will add real-time accounts of their owner acquisition plans and outcomes.

0-500 Properties in 5 Years: The Masterclass on How To Grow Your Inventory The Smart Way
Presented by: Matthew Tesdall,  Family Time Vacation Rentals and Brooke Pfautz, Vintory

The demand for vacation rentals is at an all-time high. Bookings are flowing through the door, but the real revenue driver today is inventory growth—and the mega managers know it. Now is the time to grow your inventory and defend it, too. The vacation rental market has never been more full of opportunity... and competition. Don’t miss your chance to join Brooke Pfautz, CEO of Vintory, and Matthew Tesdall, Family Time Vacation Rentals, as they share how to grow your inventory—smarter, faster, bigger—with limited time and resources, but with actionable tips, a game-winning strategy, and the latest technology.

Owner Relations

Growth Without Postcards: How to Grow Unit Count and Improve Owner Retention at Low Cost and Without Salesmanship
Presented by: Andy Morris, Seattle Vacation Home; Lynne Morris, Seattle Vacation Home

Growing the number of properties under management is important to the health of a vacation rental management company. Many of us, however, bristle at the aggressive approach so often associated with signing new owners and retaining them year after year. This session, using Seattle Vacation Home as a case study, will review the strategies and techniques we have employed to achieve slow and steady growth of about 10 units per year with almost no owner attrition. Lynne and Andy will outline 6 sources of new owner leads that enjoy very high conversion rates, very low cost, and none of the discomfort that many experience in a traditional sales role. This session will also share examples of effective materials used to convert interested prospects into homeowner partners.

What Homeowners Really Want in a Property Management Company
Presented by: Sharon K. Walker, Walker Luxury Vacation Rentals; Geoff Gaberino, Gulf Shores Vacation Rentals

What makes a truly great owner experience in 2021? Is it the hands-on services or tech? What attracts owners to your business and keeps them as clients? In this session, you will learn how to provide excellent owner interaction utilizing both technology resources and personal dialogue. Sharon and Geoff will discuss several ways to connect and communicate with owners to optimize the owner experience.


Connectivity Panel: Leveraging Technology for Your Success
Presented by: Ian Ackland, Booking.com; Steve Milo, Vtrips; Jim Barsch, President, Nextpax Inc.;
Matt Gurley, Director or Worldwide Sales, BookingPal; Patrick Power, Travelnet Solutions

This panel will focus on leveraging connectivity to drive success from the perspective of providers, property management companies, and Booking.com.

How Contactless Technology Helped in Post-COVID Times
Presented by: Dipen Gala, Lynx; Robin Craigen, Moving Mountains; Mickey Kropf, Vector Travel; Jeff Paglialonga, Teeming Vacation Rentals; Dennis Goedheid, Casiola LLC; Andreas King-Geovanis, Sextant Stays

Learn first-hand from top property managers on how they leveraged technology to create a contactless experience and how they took on the COVID challenge. Discussion will focus on their journey to create and monetize a new digital guest experience and how they enabled their staff to embrace the new normal using smart technology.

The Post-Pandemic Operations Toolbox
Presented by: Nate Wysk, PointCentral

2020 was quite a year, to say the least. Our industry was challenged like never before. The year inherently changed the way guests vacation, and the industry adapted, often on the fly. But it’s important to not forget the lessons learned as we look into the future and make investments in our businesses. With a panel of forward-thinking property managers, panelists will discuss what new tools will be most useful to operators and valued by guests, and how managers can assess what’s worth the investment.

Smart Properties: The Acceleration of Contactless Technology in Vacation Rentals
Presented by: Vered Raviv Schwarz, Guesty; Nate Wysk, PointCentral; Jill Mason, VRScheduler; Jeremiah Gall, Breezeway; Steve Davis, Operto

This will be a lively discussion with leaders in smart property technology. COVID-19 has been described as a "once in a lifetime" event and it has certainly impacted so much of our lives. One outcome has been the adoption of technology across all areas of life in order to stay connected. According to recent data published by McKinsey, the world vaulted five years forward in consumer and business digital adoption in a matter of around eight weeks during 2020.

The short-term rental industry has also "vaulted" in acceptance and take-up of technology. Prior to March 2020, contactless technology, smart locks, virtual concierge services, host-free check-ins, property automation and IoT were all still on the edge of mainstream property management. Contactless tech has gone from the outlier to the norm in a matter of a few months. You don’t have to be a mega manager to benefit from the SaaS products and hardware that are out there. Property managers that are just starting out with a growing portfolio can use the same products and services used by large companies and reap the many benefits.

Be a Game Changer: The Future of Technology and Its Crucial Role in the Vacation Rental Industry
Presented by: Amber Knight, LiveRez Inc.; Desiree Garcia, RevMax; Kimberly Lang, Inhabit IQ; Braeden Flaherty, Inhabit IQ

What does the future of technology look like for the vacation rental industry? How will property management software and channel management tools evolve over time? Industry leaders will discuss the latest game-changing technology advancements in our industry. With the current increased popularity of vacation rentals—sometimes even outpacing hotel occupancy rates—advances in technology can help vacation rental managers automate processes, set strategic pricing, and maximize revenue.

Operations, Housekeeping, Maintenance, and Laundry

All things Operations
Presented by: Koryn Okey, Breezeway; Sue Jones, HR4VR, Eddie Gray, Newman-Dailey Resort Properties; Leslie Adcock, Cabins For You; Kim Hermon, Big Bear Vacations

Join Breezeway's, Koryn Okey, and Sue Jones, of HR4VR, along with a panel of property managers as they address all things Operations. This interactive session will be split into three 15 minute segments: each focusing on the challenges property managers face today. Attendees will have the opportunity to get their burning questions answered live by our experienced panelists - from recruiting and retaining new talent to training and motivating staff, building your process and meeting homeowner expectations, we'll cover it all in this fast-paced session you don't want to miss!

Analyzing Operations Data: What’s Changed (and Hasn’t) in the Last 18 Months
Presented by: Jeremy Gall, Breezeway

The growth of the short-term rental category is well documented -not only with respect to the number of rentable homes and management companies, but also the identity, challenges, and priorities of vacation rental operators. In this presentation, Breezeway’s Founder & CEO Jeremy Gall will reflect on this growth by presenting three different sources of internal data: operations survey data from spring 2020 and 2021 (e.g. biggest property care challenges, plans to differentiate their business, frequency of client communication, number of software tools in use, etc.), and data on 5M property care tasks from the Breezeway platform (average length of cleans/inspections/repairs, most frequently repaired items, most urgent guest requests, etc.). Jeremy will discuss different trends that the data reveals, and share his perspective on what challenges and opportunities lie ahead for industry operators.

Bringing It To The Back Of The House

Rebecca Lombardo, TruPlace; Maggie Eden, Great Ocean Condos

Much like any production, the staff that is behind-the-scenes can be, at times, overlooked but is never be underappreciated! Back of the house staff "make it happen" and continue to ensure operations are running smoothly so that guests remain to have a good experience; even thought the two parties rarely meet. The back of the house staff need just as much mentorship and incentive opportunities as the front of the house. Join this session to learn how to implement these efforts into your back of the house operations.

Engaged Employees Lead to More Profitable Business Outcomes

Presented by: Sue Jones, HR4VR

How engaged are your employees? COVID-19 rapidly disrupted our lives, economies and workplaces deeply impacting the employee experience. Employee engagement is more important now than it ever was in pre-pandemic times. Research shows that engaged employees lead to more profitable business. When employees are engaged in the business not only do they align with your business objectives they work harder; are more productive; and most important, they feel successful. Attend this session to learn more about employee engagement, how you can measure it, and how it can impact your bottom line driving a greater return on your investment. The cost of disengagement is high. A disengaged employee costs an organization approximately $3,4000 for every $10,000 in annual salary. If companies want to improve productivity and profitability, increase customer loyalty and operating income, and slash attrition and disengagements losses, they have to engage employees. This presentation will discuss with participants the value of employee engagement, how to measure it, and the impact of employee engagement on performance. 

How to Successfully Build Operations for Scale
Presented by: Bob Milne, Vacasa; John Banczak, Vacasa

Whether management companies are adding a few homes at a time or an entire portfolio to their inventory, successfully scaling local operations is an important piece of the business and a common challenge. Learn from two of the vacation rental industry’s top experts, who share a combined 50 years of experience, about how technology has powered operational efficiencies across their field teams—particularly in one of the most complex sectors: housekeeping. Bob and JB walk attendees through real scenarios from throughout their careers and provide workable solutions that are critical for a company’s long-term growth.

Proactive and Reactive MX Walkthroughs

Presented by: Steve Perkins, Natural Retreats

Rinse & Repeat Cycle: Best Commercial Laundry Practices and Perspectives Panel

Presented by: Joe Refosco, Taylor-Made Deep Creek Vacations; Ryan Swaim, Dunes Realty

Operating a commercial laundry is no small task! There are specific tasks and procedures that must be followed; different ways to achieve success; and new challenges that continue to crop up. Join the panel of both vendor and property managers to learn all about what's happening in laundry right now!

Time Saving Principles
Presented by: Shelia McCracken, Taylor-Made Deep Creep Vacations & Sales; Brindley Beach Vacations; Ryan Swaim, Dunes Realty; Melaney Robbins, Oak Island Accommodations

Busy season. It always seems right around the corner or your company is constantly in the midst of it. Regardless of how many turns your staff does day-to-day, in order to keep your well-oiled operation going there needs to be the right staff support and turn strategy. Join this panel to learning about time saving principles for big turn days!

The Tsunami of Change and the Future of Property Care

Presented by: Brian Butler, EZcare

When you hear "the future is here," you could be clearly describing the current vacation rental industry. However, there’s about to be a tsunami of change (e.g., legislative, environmental, technological, demographic) that will shape property care operations staff. Owners, managers, cleaners, and maintenance techs need to prepare for this transformative wave—starting today.

This presentation will move quickly to identify and define how change will affect service level staff; how hiring for future skills is critical; how constant change will require a “change-management” plan; and how compliance and safety in a post-pandemic world affect everything staff-and-property related. The session pushes beyond theory by introducing real case-study examples and how this information can be used today to shape VR companies for what the next 5-10 years will demand. Attendees will walk away with a firm set of tools to begin laying the groundwork for the future of superior property care.

The Three  P’s of Brand Standards: People, Process & Promise
Presented by: Jeremy Gall, Breezeway

With increased focus on contactless check-in and less interaction with the guest one on one, it is critical for your team to be aligned on company brand and service standards. How do you hire (and train) your team to execute on internal processes? How do you empower your staff to do their part in delivering your brand promise to owners and guests? In this session, Breezeway Founder and CEO, Jeremy Gall, will discuss the three P’s of vacation rental brand standards: People, Process, and Promise, and the importance that each component has on elevating and showcasing your hospitality brand.

VRHP Roundtable Discussion

Presented by: Various Facilitators

Join the VRHP roundtable discussions on a diverse set of housekeeping topics and perspectives. Roundtable topics include: Ski; Beach; Urban; Laundry; Cleaning; Inspections; Cleaning Tools; Bedding/Linen; Recruiting and Staffing; Back of House Software; Maintenance Walkthroughs; Additional Revenue Streams; OSHA Updates and Regulations; Creating a SPA and Service Standards;  and Transitioning from an Hourly to Piece Rate Pay System.