The Board of Directors Applications are now closed.

There are eight open positions on the Board of Directors, which includes seven current Board members who are eligible for re­election. Five of these positions must be filled by vacation rental manager members; two positions must be filled by vendor/supplier members; one position must be filled by a representative of the VRHP Council*.

Note to candidates: VRMA anticipates a strong response to this request for applications. We hope you understand our appreciation for your interest, while at the same time understanding, because of the breadth of candidates, your application should not be interpreted as an assurance of election, nor an assurance of your recommendation by the Leadership Development Committee.

*One of the members of the VRMA Board of Directors must be a representative of the VRHP Council. The VRHP Council proposes candidates to run for this seat, who are then subject to the same election process used for all candidates for the VRMA Board.

What happens next?

Friday, June 4: Candidate Application Deadline
VRMA members interested in pursuing Board candidacy must submit a candidate application by June 4, 2021. This application will include information to verify the candidate’s qualification for election as well as information about his/her industry leadership experiences.

Tuesday, June 8 - Friday, July 2: LDC Review of Candidate Applications
The Leadership Development Committee will review all Candidate Applications submitted by the deadline. The Leadership Development Committee will vet each candidate to confirm that qualifications are met and ensure that their recommendations are representative of the qualities, experience levels, and demographics of the membership base. The recommendations will then be submitted to the VRMA Board by July 15.

Friday, August 20: Campaigning Begins
If requested by the candidate, VRMA will send an email containing a campaign message on behalf of the candidate to all voting members. These will be distributed on a first-come, first-served basis and will be scheduled by VRMA, not the candidate. All campaign emails are subject to approval by VRMA staff. VRMA member email lists will not be shared with candidates.
NOTE: All candidates must adhere to VRMA’s Non-Solicitation Policy.
NOTE: If you would like to do a direct mailing, contact the VRMA office at 202-367-1179.

Friday, August 20: Ballots Distributed to Membership via Email
The primary contact for each Member Company will receive a ballot. Members will be given one month to vote on their choices of Directors. No proxy voting will be accepted for electronic ballots.

Monday, September 20: Voting Deadline
Election results will be announced during or before the VRMA International Conference. New Directors will assume office during the Board meeting immediately preceding the start of the International Conference or immediately at the conclusion of the International Conference.


Questions and suggestions regarding the election process may be directed to Garrett Sheehan, VRMA Membership and Operations Manager, at or 202-367-2326. Garrett will work with the Leadership Development Committee as necessary to address any questions.

The 2021 Leadership Development Committee is being led by:

Lucy Kawaihalau, Kauai Vacation Rentals, Lihue, HI

Jodi Refosco, Taylor-Made Deep Creek Vacations, McHenry, MD (Immediate-Past President of the VRMA Board of Directors)