2023 Spring Forum – Call for Contributors Form
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Identify under each track the topic you are most comfortable speaking on (select up to five different topics).

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Presenting requires a dynamic speaker who is both engaging and knowledgeable on the content being presented. To get a taste of your style and expertise, the VRMA Education Committee wants to see you in action! Please record a short video, no longer than 60 seconds, that highlights who you are, your expertise and why the Education Committee should consider adding you to a Spring Forum session. You can also upload or link to a prior speaking engagement to show past speaking experience

The video does not need to be professionally produced nor is it required to turn on your camera. You can record in a platform like Zoom and then upload your .mp4 here. If you submit a video longer than one minute, the Education Committee will only view the first 60 seconds.

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By submitting your interest, you give VRMA permission to post your biography, photograph, category interest to our website and to use the same in electronic media, as well as printed VRMA materials (conference marketing materials, etc.). In addition, VRMA reserves the right to edit biographies and proposals consistency, style and grammar as necessary.  I agree to all speaker policies listed below.

  • I represent to the Vacation Rental Management Association that I own all right, title and interest to all contents of my presentation, or have obtained all appropriate and necessary licenses to use and publish any content which is the intellectual property of anyone else.
  • I authorize the Vacation Rental Management Association to publish my presentation materials on the vrma.org website and mobile app.
  • I attest that I am the owner of all content and authorized to give the Vacation Rental Management Association access for use as outlined in this agreement.
  • I agree to refrain from solely referencing my company’s products or services or products and services provided by any companies with which I have a business relationship with or will profit from, or include any information that would be considered marketing; all content is to be educationally based.
  • I agree to maintain a professional demeanor, including refraining from improper language or approaches of any class participant. Professional conduct and language will be determined in the sole judgment by the Vacation Rental Management Association.
  • I understand that should the event be cancelled due to an act of God (i.e., fire, flood, curtailment of all transportation services, civil unrest, etc.), there will be no obligation the part of the Vacation Rental Management Association or myself.