VR Graphs: Appealing to the Millennial Traveler

More and more millennials choose vacation rentals over hotels when vacationing — and they’re looking to be your partner in booking. Millennials are a very hands-on generation, but will research their options thoroughly before making a final decision. Eighty-seven percent will use online travel agencies to research rates and. Once that research is final, 90 percent will click a ‘Book Now’ button.



To help steer them to book, it’s in your best interest to have a Wi-Fi enabled home; this is mandatory for millennials. Despite being technology-savvy, millennials still need a bit of hand-holding. This generation is more likely to book if point-of-travel destinations are recommended. It helps to offer a tentative itinerary as 77 percent are traveling solely for leisure purposes and will want to fill their time with unique local sightseeing. Since the millennial generation is typically not tied-down, they have a wanderlust need to explore; other generations are a little less inclined to set up such loose travel plans, so take advantage of your vast array of marketing abilities for younger generations.


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