Update on VRMA Insights

Based on recent developments—specifically the announcement of LSI Tools becoming part of Vacation Brands/Inhabit IQ, an entity comprised of multiple technology organizations in this space including a property management company—VRMA feels it is in the best interest of all parties to end the partnership that is VRMA Insights powered by LSI Tools. We want to thank LSI Tools for helping to launch this innovative product, as well as the many property management software companies who supported VRMA by working with LSI Tools to make this program possible.

When the VRMA Board of Directors started talking about what became VRMA Insights back in March 2016, there weren’t any products on the market that could do what VRMA Insights currently does. VRMA-- along with our partners at LSI— is pleased that we could be at the forefront of providing actionable data that was previously unavailable to professional property managers. VRMA is still committed to the original intentions of the program. We were—and are—committed to thought leadership in this space, and having access to industry data that will further our efforts around education and advocacy, the pillars of our great organization. We are also committed building and driving value for our members. We will continue to explore the best avenues to accomplish these goals.

In the meantime, LSI Tools will continue to operate their data platforms and business intelligence tools, just not in formal partnership with VRMA. Users of VRMA Insights—as well as participating property management software companies— will be receiving communications from LSI Tools regarding next steps. The Insights project will continue to grow and add property managers under the LSI Tools banner and will continue to be offered at no charge to VRMA members. According to LSI Tools president Lynell Eaddy, “LSI will continue to stay on the cutting edge of new functionality and grow Insights. We stand behind our commitment to bring the Insight analytics and tools to VRMA membership.  We’re excited to introduce new features for Insights during the next year and are grateful for the enthusiastic adoption of Insights by the vacation rental community.” 

Thank you again to everyone who contributed to the development and success of VRMA Insights; more to come.