Palm Springs Council to Consider Cap on Number of Short-Term Rental Permits

Palm Springs, California, may soon impose a 2,500-unit cap on short-term vacation rental permits if the city council follows recommendations from the Vacation Rental Work Group. The council will also consider a new rule that no neighborhood could have more than 10 percent of properties used as short-term vacation rentals. The group further recommends grandfathering in existing permits, as well as any application already submitted. Palm Springs had 2,445 short-term rentals as of July 28, while 12 neighborhoods have at least 17 percent of homes with active vacation rental permits. The work group also declared in its report to the council that the solution for Palm Springs' affordable housing issues should begin "with the construction of more affordable housing, such as multi-family housing." Working group member Hank Plante said, "Under this plan no one loses anything. No one with an short-term rental permit will be forced to give it up. No money will be lost to the City." However, fellow group member Bruce Hoban said both he and the vacation rental owners group are against the 10 percent neighborhood cap, warning that it could cause property owners to set up rentals in areas that lack many.

Palm Springs Desert Sun (09/22/22) Ema Sasic; Paul Albani-Burgio

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