Are You Ready to go Instant?



Instant booking is the future of vacation rentals—travelers love it, managers love it, and it saves time on both sides of booking. Both travelers and property managers desire a seamless experience when it comes to booking, and the debut of a new instant booking feature is doing exactly that.

Without instant booking, travelers have to wait for homeowner responses; with it, their stay is confirmed the moment they enter payment details, and they can continue on to book flights, attractions, restaurants, and other trip details.

While instant booking is a nice bonus for travelers, it’s a game-changer for property managers. In addition to improved traveler experience, instant booking will greatly improve the experience for managers. The first improvement to watch for? Your acceptance rate. Without the added step of manually accepting a booking, expect an improvement in your acceptance rate—and subsequently, your rankings in traveler searches on the site.

While managers’ acceptance rates and rankings climb, they’ll enjoy another major benefit that’s universally appealing: more time. This feature reduces administrative work (manually accepting bookings and exchanging pre-booking messages with travelers), and manager concerns (when did this booking come in, and what is the timeframe for accepting it?). This frees up time to focus on strategic tasks, like improving your listings, developing the properties themselves, or even taking a vacation of your own—while keeping properties live with instant booking.

As part of the instant booking update, property managers’ house rules will be featured more prominently in the booking process. Guests can easily tell if the home is pet-friendly, has a minimum traveler age, and any other house rules as they book, to help manage expectations for everyone involved. House rules are pulled directly from your dashboard, and will be featured on the payment page where travelers must accept them before they can book. Worried about adjusting your rules after a booking? Don’t be—we’ll save a snapshot of the rules at the time of booking in your dashboard.

Property managers will also enjoy an update to our calendar sync feature. Previously, calendars synced to other listing platforms every 24 hours. The time has finally come, and we’ve increased our sync frequency to every three hours, ensuring your TripAdvisor calendar reflects your availability even more accurately. We are also starting to make strides to improve connectivity with our partners so that you can manage all of your bookings directly through your reservation system.

While instant booking is proving to have a substantial impact on bookings, we understand that managers may not always feel comfortable having the feature enabled. As Instant Book adoption increases, managers will have the ability to enable and disable the feature as they see fit.
Instant booking adoption is at an all time high, and travelers are noticing.

Over the next several months it will continue to become the norm in the industry – are you ready to go instant?


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