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Educational Content

Note: Content subject to change. Sessions and schedule will be released in February.

Facilitated Roundtable Discussions

Conference attendees are brought together by a common unifying trait, theme, or demographic to discuss the issues and best practices most affecting their businesses. Industry leaders will serve as facilitators of conversation while discussion and takeaways focus primarily on interactions with other attendees in the room by sharing personal ideas and experiences.

  • Reputation Management  VRMA GUEST.PNG
  • Property Manager Exchange: 0-100 Properties  VRMA BUSINESS STRATEGY.PNG
  • Property Manager Exchange: 100+ Properties  VRMA BUSINESS STRATEGY.PNG
  • Interior Design Tips, Tricks, and Convincing Your Owners to Upgrade  VRMA PROPERTY SERVICES.PNG
  • Beach Properties Dialogue  VRMA PROPERTY SERVICES.PNG
  • Mountain Properties Interchange  VRMA PROPERTY SERVICES.PNG

Hands-On Workshops

Hands-on and interactive, these demonstration-style workshops will provide an opportunity to practice and/or apply new knowledge gained from the session. Attendees may be asked to bring real-world materials or examples from their own businesses to utilize during the session. Attendees can expect simulations, role playing, expert-led interactive discussions, or demonstrations during these highly interactive sessions.

  • Developing a Website Marketing Plan: BYOL (Bring Your Own Laptop)  VRMA MARKETING.PNG
  • Owner Agreements from A-Z  VRMA FINANCE LEGAL.PNG
  • Behind the Scenes with VRHP: Housekeeping and Maintenance Insights  VRMA PROPERTY SERVICES.PNG

Interactive Case Studies

Interactive case studies require attendees to review and analyze prepared industry research or case study at the beginning of the session, followed by expert-led discussion amongst attendees. These sessions will utilize worksheets, small group discussion, and other interactive tools to engage in attendee learning.

  • Owner Retention and Dealing with Difficult Owners  VRMA BUSINESS STRATEGY.PNG
  • What Sticks: Hiring & Developing Career Paths  VRMA HR.PNG
  • Regulations, Bans, and How to Take Action  VRMA FINANCE LEGAL.PNG
  • Moving to a New Property Management System  VRMA TECH.PNG

Expert Panel Sessions and Traditional Lectures

Hear about the latest trends and issues facing the industry from knowledgeable and respected vacation rental professionals. Discussions will be led by both vacation rental managers and supplier experts alike to cover a diverse range of topics.

  • Traveler Trends and Industry Standards  VRMA BUSINESS STRATEGY.PNG
  • Property Manager Tech Bests from A-Z  VRMA TECH.PNG
  • Owner Acquisition For the Win  VRMA PROPERTY SERVICES.PNG
  • Risk & Reward: Tips for Growing Your Business  VRMA BUSINESS STRATEGY.PNG
  • Online Booking Best Practices  VRMA MARKETING.PNG
  • Smart Ideas for Your Smart Home  VRMA TECH.PNG

Ask the Experts Roundtable Discussions

This signature event from our Regional Events is back with expanded offerings for the Spring Forum. Expanded to four different rooms, each room will focus on an overarching topic area, while individual tables will address specific issues or themes within each topic. Experts will facilitate discussion and answer questions on these specific issues, allowing attendees to address the exact concerns facing their businesses.


VRMA FINANCE LEGAL.PNG Finance and Legal Operations

VRMA GUEST.PNG Guest Relations

VRMA HR.PNG Human Resources




VRMA TECH.PNG Technology