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Keynote Presentations

Untitled design (48).pngTrain Your Brain for Success
Robb Zbierski, Professional Speaker, Trainer & Coach, Freedom Personal Development

Do you want to become more effective in what you do and enjoy every minute of doing it? It’s possible, and Robb Zbierski will show you how!

During this exciting and highly interactive opening keynote, you will learn to harness the incredible creative capacity of your mind and achieve your personal best – professionally, financially, and personally.

The keynote will cover:

  • The ways in which your brain creates your experience – and your results
  • Your brain’s extremely unhelpful “default settings” that can hold you back
  • How to overcome these default settings, putting you in charge of your brain and your results moving forward!

Based on the bestselling book, Train Your Brain for Success, the keynote presentation will leave you with lasting insights that will dramatically affect how you run your business. Robb’s dynamic presentation will set the stage for how to approach our Spring Forum program and bring tangible takeaways home with you.

Dean Savoca.pngNow What? Turning Your Insights into Action
Dean Savoca, M.Ed, BCC, CSP, Management Trainer, Facilitator & Executive Coach, Savoca Performance Group

Join Dean Savoca in this closing session to transform your learnings from this week into action. Avoid the overwhelm of shuffling through your notes on the trip home trying to identify the nuggets that will impact your business. Instead, reflect on your conference experience, identify the most relevant opportunities, and leave with an action plan to make it happen.