Manager Membership

Qualifications for Manager Membership

This is a company membership, not an individual's membership. During the application process, a Primary contact must be identified who will be the main representative for the company's membership. The Primary representative will receive all official communications from VRMA related to the company's membership including renewal notifications and voting rights. Additional Representatives may be added at no additional cost. All representatives will receive electronic communications including information about association events, educational opportunities, and industry information.

Manager Membership is right for you if the following criteria are met. Your company must:

  • be properly licensed to do short term rentals in your jurisdiction,
  • rent properties on a short term basis as defined by statute or, if not, 30 days or fewer,
  • ensure applicable lodging taxes are paid,
  • manage at least five vacation rental units,
  • provide services to guests through the entire rental process, and
  • provide oversight of property services (services to the property, for guests and property management).

If your company does not meet these criteria, click here to find out which membership category is right for you.

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Manager member companies pay dues based on the number of units the management company manages. The membership term is the calendar year, so January through December. From February through September, dues are prorated by the month, for new members. Starting in October, new members joining will pay "pro-rate plus" dues, which are pro-rated dues for the current year PLUS full dues for the following year.

5 to 5,000 units $495 base fee plus $1 per unit (cap $3,495)
5,001 to 10,000 units $495 base fee plus $1 per unit (cap $6,495)
10,001 plus units $495 base fee plus $1 per unit (cap $9,495)

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