The 2020 VRMA European Conference Call for Proposals is now open!

Before being sent to the submission form, you will be asked to login and select a track. Below is more information about VRMA's education tracks.


  • Finance, Legal, Advocacy

    • Sessions in this track help participants learn best practices to manage their organization’s financial and legal responsibilities, as well as staying current on important topics and regulations specific to the vacation rental industry.
  • Business Strategy

    • Sessions in this track focus on equipping you with the decision making skills, proven strategies, and knowledge of industry trends needed to develop and achieve your company's short and long-term objectives.
  • Data Revenue Management
    • Sessions in this track focus on utilizing data analytics to make informed decisions about your company's performance as well as dynamic pricing strategies.
  • Human Resources
    • Sessions in this track help participants learn how to successfully hire, manage, train, and engage employees or potential employees to fit their businesses needs and culture.
  • Marketing

    • Sessions in this track dive into various channels, new tools and innovative strategies being used to market vacation rental properties to guests and owners.
  • Owner Relations

    •   Sessions in this track covers methods for acquiring and retaining your inventory and increasing your ability to build and maintain relationships with property owners. 
  • Property Services

    • Sessions in this track provide a detailed look at standard housekeeping management, training and safety practices needed to maintain an effective housekeeping program that provides a safe and secure environment for both employees and rental guests.
  • Sales

    • Sessions in this track will help participants learn how to hire and train successful sales and reservation teams. Participants will gain ideas on how to apply effective strategies and processes to achieve revenue and business growth.
  • Guest Relations

    • Sessions in this track provide participants with recommendations and new ideas for streamlining guest management processes and providing excellent customer service to vacation rental guests.
  • Technology

    • Sessions in this track provide participants with insights on the newest digital solutions in the industry to help gain a competitive edge.

(NEW) All proposals must be accompanied by a presentation draft or session outline, which can be uploaded at the end of the submission form.

All submissions must be received prior to 23:59 Eastern Standard Time on Friday, 1 November 2019 to be considered.

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